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ESG – An Investment in Our Shared Future

ESG at Mahansaria Group

We believe that businesses that incorporate material sustainability factors into their strategy, operations, and culture will outperform over the long-term. Furthermore, we believe that businesses are uniquely positioned to address environmental and social challenges through product innovation, operational excellence and sustainability advocacy.

Today, we see ESG not as a cost of doing business but as a critical function of business strategy. In an increasingly connected and unpredictable landscape, having a powerful and effective ESG platform is intrinsic to growing our business and leading our competitors as well as to serving your customers, workforce, partners, investors, communities, and the planet. Our ESG framework empowers all stakeholders to drive sustainable policies and practices, to boost themselves and the communities they serve, and to set ambitious goals for both growth and enrichment of the world. We believe that
environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors can fuel returns when proactively fostered and can be detrimental to returns when ignored. Our team understands that evaluating and monitoring ESG performance of the  companies in which we invest can contribute to the success of our investment thesis.

We are committed to integrating ESG into our investment process and operating philosophy. Our philosophy outlines our firm-wide approach to integrating ESG in our business and investment activities.

Our principal duty is to act in the best interest of our investors. Our mission is to compound capital at superior rates of return by investing in businesses that are financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Through our engagement, we aim to inspire business owners and managers to incorporate sustainability factors into their decision-making, and to encourage business more broadly to address environmental and social challenges. We integrate ESG considerations into all phases of the business operations and investment process. We use ESG as a tool to enhance the sourcing of investment ideas, improvisation of processes, underwriting of risk-reward, and the efficacy of operations in our operating companies and efficacy of our engagement with portfolio companies.

It is our commitment to do things that are in the best interest not just for the business but for the world at large. We endeavor to set new industry benchmarks in energy efficiency, environment & social sustainability.
— Mr. Yogesh Mahansaria
Director, Mahansaria Group.