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Our objective is to create superior value for all stakeholders involved, environment being one of them. We believe while doing business, it is our responsibility to maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.

Some of the measures we take to achieve our goals are:

  • Our manufacturing units are designed to reduce the specific energy consumption by upto 15% than industry average.
  • Wherever possible, we promote to use renewable energy.
  • Our processes are designed to reduce GHGs (greenhouse gas emissions).
  • We endeavor to maximize the use of sustainable raw materials (our target is to use upto 10% for our tyres manufacturing units)
  • Our plants are designed to reduce specific water consumption by operational excellence
  • We promote the use of harvested rainwater wherever possible
  • Our manufacturing plants recycle 100% of the water used and treated water is used for plantation and other non-drinking uses
  • Our manufacturing processes are designed to reduce landfill / incinerable waste during operation
  • We implement the practices of 4R (reduce, recycle, reuse, reprocess) concept in hazardous waste management
  • We adopt and maintain the principle of zero waste discharge to the environment

Mahansaria Group prioritizes the HSE aspect in all its decision-making, including the purchase of plant, equipment, machinery, materials and monitoring individual HSE performance in their career advancement. Some specific activities we do and encourage at our investee companies –
1. Monitoring the health of all employees through pre-employment and periodical medical examinations
2. At all our manufacturing plants, we regularly review operations comprising the identification of significant environment aspects, prepare and monitor relevant HSE objectives and annual targets
3. The HSE policy objectives and performance is reviewed periodically and communicated to all employees, people and interested parties

Also, both of our manufacturing plant STTL and MTPL are IFC Edge Green certified.