Investment Philosophy

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Taking forward the Group’s motto of “Never Stop Rising, the Mahansaria Family Office is an active participant in India’s start-up ecosystem. Besides being invested in several reputed Venture Capital / Private Equity funds, the Mahansaria Family Office also makes direct venture investments.

We are selective in our approach, with the aim of making meaningful, focused investments in a few promising ventures. While we are sector agnostic, we look for ventures that address a large, well-defined market opportunity, with a clear path to profitability and sustainable competitive advantages. Our investee companies also tend to be “post-revenue” with significant market validation.

We are typically not the first or lead investors in a venture and prefer investing alongside other credible investors. However, we are always glad to engage with start-ups of all stripes & stages and to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors or partners in the start-up ecosystem whenever possible.

As first-generation entrepreneurs themselves, our principals offer a wealth of entrepreneurial experience alongside capital.  Knowing first-hand the ups and downs in any entrepreneurial journey, we are patient investors and are happy to stand by investee companies in their inevitable rough patches. We also strive for simple investment constructs that ensure operational flexibility & interest alignment for Founders along with basic investor safeguards.

While venture investing does not lend itself well to a “check-listed” approach, below are some attributes we look for in our investee companies:

  1. The venture addresses a large & growing market, with a clear, differentiated strategic focus and intent
  2. Founders have unique strengths/experience in the space that makes them well-suited to execute
  3. Founders have a realistic & data-backed assessment of their market, competitive landscape, opportunities, risks, and challenges
  4. The venture has credible paths to market leadership AND profitability
  5. Founders show high ethical standards and commitment to creating value for all stakeholders

Our Differentiator

Having built several global ventures from scratch and served on Boards of successful start-ups such as Nykaa, our Principals are able to offer seasoned perspectives, serve as a sounding board and push entrepreneurs to think deeper about their strategy and business models.

We are also happy to leverage our networks in India and abroad to connect Founders with relevant experts, prospective business partners, or future investors wherever we can.

Within the Mahansaria Group, we have a strong focus on critical but often overlooked areas such as Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Risk Management. While not ``glamourous``, we believe these competencies are important for any rapidly scaling business to survive & thrive in today's dynamic environment. We are happy to help our portfolio companies think through & improve their capabilities in such areas should they feel the need.

Lastly, unlike limited-life funds, we can offer truly patient capital with the ability to stay invested through good times and bad, as long as our confidence in the Business and Team is intact.