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Reise Moto is a part of the Mahansaria Group and oversees the group’s business interests related to two-wheelers. We have launched the first phase of our high-performance tyres, which have received an applauding response from all over the country . We are hovering over the Indian and South Asian markets with the intention of expanding further and introducing more tyre variants in the future.

There is a growing segment of customers in India for whom motorcycle riding is more than just commuting, more than just going from point A to point B. These are the customers that demand something extra from their tyres in terms of performance, look and feel, and technology. With a specific focus on this segment of customers, we are designing and bringing international-quality tyres to Indian roads.

Our plans are to have the widest product range on the market, thus giving the customers the option to select the right set of tyres for the right application, i.e., on- or off-road requirements.